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There are many reasons to seek individual therapy, but one thing is for certain: you desire growth, change, healing, & connection. Together with your self-determination, we will bring awareness to various areas you're wanting to nurture and grow while working towards these goals compassionately. This partnership will facilitate a fresh perspective, better understanding, and hope for the future as you grow closer to your authentic self.



Sometimes traumatic experiences and distressing events can get stored improperly in the brain's neural network. This can lead to maladaptive responses, distressing symptoms, feelings of hopelessness, and more when associations to these experiences are triggered consciously and subconsciously. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) utilizes a variety of bilateral stimulation (BLS) to add adaptive emotions to your brain's neural network. Together through the use of EMDR, we will create new neural pathways, safely access the stored experiences, and reprocess traumatic experiences/distressing events. By doing so, new associations with memories are created, negative symptoms are relieved, severity of triggers decrease, and new adaptive behaviors are established. Unlike other therapy modalities, EMDR does not require you to talk in detail about the distressing experiences and relief is typically seen in fewer therapy sessions.


Adjunctive EMDR

With Adjunctive EMDR therapy, you can continue to receive treatment from your primary therapist while  receiving specialized EMDR services by Brianna. Brianna can utilize the EMDR Standard Protocol or use one of the EMDR Early Interventions (EIs): Group Traumatic Episode Protocol (G-TEP) or Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol (R-TEP). See descriptions of each below. G-TEP & R-TEP are some of the most commonly used & most researched EMDR EIs. EIs are EMDR-based procedures that were developed to treat individuals & groups after a recent traumatic event. They are used to address the fragmented nature of memories of recent events, before the memory is consolidated into an integrated whole. The interventions are usually provided as short-term treatments, and can be administered in a group or individual setting. The protocol used will be based on your specific goals, your presentation/specific needs of your unique nervous system, and clinical staffing with your ongoing therapist.


Brainspotting (BSP) is a highly relational process that builds off of deep attunement, mindfulness, witnessing, and compassionate presence experienced between the client and therapist. During a Brainspotting (BSP) session, Brianna will guide you to look at various positions in your field of vision to access, process, and heal past trauma, negative memories, and/or difficult emotions. These positions, also known as “brainspots”, are believed to activate the subcortical brain while engaging the limbic system and autonomic nervous system. Because life experiences can alter the way the brain works, BSP seems to activate the body’s innate ability to heal itself from trauma by creating an environment within the mind/body that promotes healing. This process allows emotions/memories to be accessed at a deeper level and relief to be experienced typically sooner rather than later compared to other therapeutic modalities. 


Psychotherapy is a great way for children and teens to explore and strengthen their emotional, interpersonal, and self-regulation development. Trauma, anxiety, depression, grief and more can be very scary and stressful for anyone, especially children and teens. Working with a professional psychotherapist can increase your child's ability to cope and communicate effectively while also improving the health and connection within your family system. 


Group therapy and workshops are additional opportunities to increase healthy coping and enhance your quality of life. There are many benefits to participating in group therapy sessions & workshops. Many report decreased feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety as well as increased hope, encouragement, and resources. Many clients enjoy the mutual support and safe connections group therapy & workshops can cultivate. A small number of clients (usually 4-8) attend the group therapy sessions, but more are encouraged during the workshops (usually 15).

Upcoming Psychotherapy Group & Workshops:

RESTORING RESILIENCE - This on-going, in-person evening group is held in 5-week increments. This group is a resource building psychotherapy group for trauma survivors held 5:30-6:30PM on Fridays. $35 per group session. Sign-Up by emailing:

HEALING WITH BALANCE – Group EMDR, Yoga, & Acupressure Workshop for Trauma Survivors;

Friday, March 17 & 24th – 5:30-7:30pm - $200 total; Located at Healing Arts Centre – 834 Prince Ave;

This group combines Group EMDR (G-TEP), trauma informed yoga, & acupressure (no needles required) to help you release, reset, & heal from trauma while honoring your mind, body, & spirit.

Sign-Up by emailing:

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The Healing Arts Centre is a sanctuary that provides a quiet, contemplative environment. The Healing Arts Centre aims to be a community of wellness opportunities providing mutual support. It houses the Sangha Yoga Studio & Remedy Herb Shop. The Healing Arts Centre is also home to numerous professionals offering a variety of services, such as: Yoga Therapy, Reiki, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, and more. We all work symbiotically, with your best interests always at heart. To learn more about services and class schedules, please check out their website here:

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