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Rachel Megdal, MSW

Rachel’s goal is to provide a safe and compassionate space to process your experiences, cope with distressing emotions, and promote healing in whatever way feels best for you. Rachel utilizes a strengths-based approach, which focuses on clients’ assets rather than their deficits, pathologies, or problems. Her compassionate curiosity & intentional presence helps redirect her client’s values, goals, and life experiences to the forefront of their treatment. Rachel values a collaborative relationship with her clients to assist them in their own self-exploration, insight, and skill building utilizing agency & self-compassion.

Current availability:
Rachel has immediate availability for new clients. She has in-person availability on Wednesdays-Fridays & telemental health availability on Mondays-Wednesdays. Rachel can accept cigna, aetna, Health Savings Accounts, & can provide superbills under supervision. Jake has a private pay rate of $125.

To schedule a free, 15 min consultation with Jake email

Rachel meets at least monthly for clinical supervision of HSTH Clinical Director, Brianna Sterling, LCSW, #CSW007341. She also attends 1 monthly outside agency clinical supervision & 1 monthly IFS consultation with Contracted HSTH Clinical Supervisors & Consultants. 

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